Academy Developing Strategies

Football Asia field experts provide assessments, consultations and the development of co-creation packages that dramatically upgrade and improve all existing structures and frameworks.

Talent Developing Strategies

Football Asia use highly experienced professionals to tailor player development packages using our unique six-stage player development model that upgrades and optimizes the potential of players at all stages of their careers .

Club Developing Strategies

Football Asia assist clubs to maximise their potential growth by offering sponsorship, commercial and community engagement opportunities for clubs to enhance their CSR and promote their brand both domestically and internationally.

Playing and Coaching Opportunity Sourcing

Regardless of what career stage or transition period players, coaches or managers find themselves, Football Asia carefully select the country and region with our trusted networks to allocate the most suited league which will help them to excel and pro-long their journey in Asia.

Premier League and Asia Club Visits

Football Asia has a number of trusted contacts at high profile Premier League Football clubs who facilitate educational tours of their facilities, provide in depth knowledge of the inner workings of a football club, including the latest cutting edge technology that is used at the higher echelons of the game to develop players physically and technically. Football Asia also liaises with a number of the leading Asian Champions League and AFC Cup teams with whom we share best practice.

Talent Identification Workshop Educating

Football Asia have a host of highly talented and qualified Coach Educators who delivers Talent Identification workshops for scouts, coaches, clubs and federations.

Curriculum Vitae Creating

To ensure our clients are best equipped and more employable, Football Asia takes responsibility in producing a personalised CV that is specifically tailored for the region in which they will be entering, thus increasing their chances of securing a contract.


To support the transition of the move to Asia, Football Asia provides concise career guidance and personal development plans for all clients regardless of their career stage or experience. On-going advice, guidance and feedback with our clients and their family is an integral part of our ethos to ensure our client avoids any potential pitfalls and is comfortable in their new surroundings.

Fitness Testing, Monitoring and Screening

Football Asia has a network of highly experienced sport scientists and medical specialists associated with some of the worlds elite clubs to ensure players are in peak physical condition before they arrive at their new club.