Academy Developing Strategies

Football Asia field experts provide assessments, consultations and the development of co-creation packages that dramatically upgrade and improve all existing structures and frameworks.

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  • Academy DNA Implementation
  • DNA Core elements
  • Academy Playing Philosophy
  • Academy Talent Development Philosophy
  • Academy Sustainability Philosophy
  • Academy Monitoring Philosophy
  • Individual Coach Development
  • Coach Education Workshops
  • Academy Curriculum Implementation
  • Academy Quarterly/Annual Reports


Find out about Academy Development stories working with KC Southern District FC of the Hong Kong Premier League


Our Academy had very little structure until Football Asia consultants undertook an internal assessment and analysis of our current situation. We worked very closely with their highly skilled football professionals to co-create progressive packages and shape the services we needed for the Hong Kong market. Thanks to Football Asia’s upgrade we now have the best District Academy set up in Hong Kong and will be striving to improve further.

The Academy made huge strides in several departments managing to reach all KPI’s that had been set. Over a two year period there was a significant staffing restructure with clear roles and responsibilities assigned. An Academy blueprint containing our tailor made mission, vision, values, playing philosophy, DNA and curriculum has all been successfully implemented.

Football Asia organised high profile and meaningful Coach Education Workshops on a regular basis that not only raised awareness but also played a big part in attracting better coaches and player’s that has helped us to create an affiliation with the local community. Individual Coach development and mentoring has helped to raise the standard of our coaches as they have learned to conduct higher quality sessions, document and record progress both quarterly and annually.


Our Academy coaches are very fortunate as they have been handed the opportunity to further their football development on the highly prestigious UEFA Coaching courses in the UK. I would strongly recommend the Upgrade package to any emerging, developing or established Academy across Asia.