Charlie Clough

Football Asia mentors helped me fully embrace and understand my transition to Asia. Having access to highly compassionate professionals with firsthand experiences of the journey I embarked on allowed me to recover from setbacks, remain focused and negotiate a new contract to extend my stay in Brunei. They shared lessons from their experiences and acted as excellent sounding boards for me to off load. The mentors were flexible enough to schedule calls according to the time zone differences.

Zac Anderson

The staff at Football Asia understand the Asian market intimately well and provided me with some excellent football, cultural and general pointers to make the transition to the Middle East a little smoother. With this move being the first away from my Native Australia their detailed advice on every aspect on moving to a new Country, new culture and environment was invaluable and I’m confident it will help me make a good impression in the Gulf region. I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with them because they are always prepared to go the extra mile to cater for my needs.

Damion Stewart

Football Asia mentors provided me with regular access to highly experienced Pro License coaches to help me make a smooth transition into my first job as the Head Coach of Harbour View FC. The process began whilst playing in the Malaysia Premier league with Perlis FA. I had one eye on the transition at that stage as I knew it would be my last playing contract. I was provided with advice on formations, training session strategies, in game management strategies and in-depth video analysis to equip me all the tools need to make my first coaching job easier. Regular video conference calls were scheduled to ensure the communication were more personable.

Wayne Fung

The mentoring I received helped me to understand how to take ownership and responsibility for my performances. I felt very comfortable with the process from the very beginning because it was conducted in a very relaxed and informal manner. I felt a definite improvement in my game and gone on to establish myself as a worthy contender for a regular starting eleven place.

Leo Chan

I received mentoring that really opened my mind to strengths and areas of focus as a footballer. I became aware of my playing identity and relationship management with the players I play with. The joint video work and digital interaction helped me to understand my roles and responsibilities as a central defender and help me to become a regular in the Hong Kong Premier league.

Christopher Chung

I have received regular mentoring feedback on Performances for the last two seasons which has resulted In making my professional debut and earning a new contract. The fact I am getting firsthand coaching from a UEFA Pro licence Coach has been a real insight into the level of detail of the Video analysis work I have undertaken. I have learned to take ownership of my career and to become Self-correcting, Open minded to receiving advise on how to progress my career.