Steve Kean

“Football Asia created a tailored CV that helped with my move to South East Asia. For the past 5 years their ongoing service has ensured my CV remains consistently updated. Their staff are always accommodating to my needs and offer valuable suggestions during the joint co-creation of the CV”

Lee Clark

“I cannot speak highly enough of the development of my CV format over the last 4 years. The presentation of the CV and the level of detail that goes into producing the final outcome is second to none”

John Gregory

“I was completely satisfied with my new look CV and it was a definite upgrade on my previous version. The CV immediately generated lots of potential opportunities to get back onto the training ground in a Head Coach role within the Indian Super League”

Nick Montgomery

“Football Asia have helped to tailor my CV and align it with my career stage. As I made the transition from player to coach my CV was also updated accordingly. Having a CV that matched my current situation helped with my transition to life after football. I will continue to endorse this service to fellow professionals both in the UK and Australia”


Charlie Clough

“I was very satisfied with my new look CV and it certainly helped generate lots of interest for me outside of the UK. The fact I ended up playing overseas in Asia is a positive reflection on the impression the CV made on Brunei DPPM to sign me for the 2019 S League season”

Roy O’Donovan

“I was recommended to football Asia by a friend of mine who spoke highly of their service. I was not left disappointed as the final CV more than lived up to my prior expectations. The importance of a very well-presented CV cannot be underestimated whether you are playing or coaching in Europe or Asia. I Love the fact the staff in the CV department have first hand playing and coaching experience of the UK and Asia”

George Boateng

“I have maintained a personal and professional relationship with Football Asia officials for the past seven years. Throughout that period my CV design and content has been tailored to meet my needs and the guys are always on hand to offer additional advice and guidance around job interviews. My new CV has allowed my representatives to market me as more of an attractive proposition to potential employers”

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

“From the initial consultation to the end product, the service from Football Asia has been top class and one I would highly recommend to fellow coaches, managers or players. I was really impressed with the level of detail and thought applied to every single page on the CV. The content, choice of images and design were all of the highest standard”


Andre Stolcers

“I met football Asia officials at their Hong Kong office to discuss the major changes I needed to my current CV. Their advice, guidance and expertise has seen a huge improvement on my old CV and I am now more confident sending my CV out to future potential employers”

Andy Todd

“I was very pleased with the production of my CV. I had never had an official CV until Football Asia created it for me. The CV helped me to feel confident to apply for coaching jobs. The updates are always done exceptionally fast which is what we need in this ever changing industry”

Andy Smith

“I came across Football Asia representatives during my UEFA Pro Licence course and quickly realised how important it is to have a well presented CV. After a short consultation I swiftly acted to create my CV via their team of reliable and friendly staff. A fantastic service that was efficient and very professional”


Zac Anderson

“Football Asia created my initial CV and specifically tailored it for certain target markets. The team have kept it updated every step of the way including my time playing in Australia, Malaysia and the UAE. They are leading the way in terms of presentation and various styles in which they present the CV’s”

Paul Robinson

“Football Asia developed my CV from a simple one-page word doc to a very well presented electronic file that looks professional and more appealing. I could not be happier with the quality of service provided”

Maciej Tarnogrodzki

“Football Asia staff are always reachable via conference calls, emails and WhatsApp. I was very pleased with my CV and look forward to seeing my latest updates for 2020”

Richard Hill

“The service was absolutely fantastic. Very organised and professional staff who made it very easy for me to provide the necessary information that was required to make a big upgrade to my original CV”